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In order to get diamonitirion on Mount Athos, you need to understand that there are 2 types: common and monastic.
  • common diamonitirion (genicon diammonitirion) - issued by the Pilgrim Bureau of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace in Thessaloniki and gives the right to stay on Mount Athos for 4 days and overnight in any monastery; get it in Ouranopoli. If necessary, it can be extended on the peninsula itself, in Karies
  • individual diamonitirion (Greek ειδικον διαμονητήριον, idikon diamonitirion) is issued by the monastery itself for an indefinite period with the right to spend the night only in the monastery indicated in the invitation (however, as a rule, a pilgrim with such permission can spend the night in any other monastery without hindrance).
  • free diamonitirion - the opportunity not to pay for the registration of the diamonitirion. To do this, you need to share information about this service in one of the social networks, by selecting one of the buttons below, or by writing a review on any forum or site with feedback. After you share - insert a link to the entry in the appropriate field above. Free can be issued only for one pilgrim. Deadline for registration is at least 3 months before the expected date of arrival to Athos.

  • Ordering Online Diamonitorion
    It is important! Just to come to Ouranopoli in the office and present a passport for getting diamonitorion - it`s impossible. Diamonitirion must be pre-ordered.

    1. Fill out the data from the passport, by which you will receive diamonitirion. In most cases, this is a foreign passport. If you need to design a diamonitirion for a group - add the required number of fields by clicking the "more+" button.
    2. Specify the type of diamonitirion: monastic, general or free design.
    3. Choose the time when you will take diamonitirion to Ouranopoli. The time depends on where you will get it. Until 07:30 - give out at the ferry, from 07:30 to 14:00 - in the office of Grafio Proskiniton, after 14:00 - diamonitirion is brought to the boat you ordered.
    4. In the comments you can specify your wishes. For example, from which monastery it is desirable to decorate the monastery diamonitirion. Or a request to send a confirmation of the reservation for the consulate. In this case, specify the dates required for the visa.
    5. Enter your email. It will receive confirmation and invoice for payment. Be sure to check the arrival date in the return letter!
    6. If you selected Free registration for a diagonite, add a link to the page with the entry. Preliminarily share the page using the buttons above.
    After confirmation and payment, the diamonithirion will wait for you at the specified date and time.

    The order of obtaining diamonitirion in Ouranopolis
    Ouranopolis is the main starting point for visiting Athos. This is a picturesque town on the shores of the Singhitsky Bay of the Halkidiki peninsula.
    Before the departure of the ship you need to come to the office - Grafio Proskiniton (daily from 7.30 to 14.00). In order to find this institution, you have to go from the bus stop back in the direction of the traffic towards Thessaloniki. Where the coastal quarters end, turn left. Landmark - Muzenidis Travel office. On the descent to the sea, on the left side of the alley there is an office where diamonitriones are issued.
    When receiving diamonitirion in Ouranopoli, the fee is additionally paid: from lay people - 25 euros, from clerics - 10 euros
    After receiving diamonitirion it is necessary to the ticket office next to the berth, and after - to the ship that carries the pilgrims to Daphne - the main Athos port. The schedule of the ships: 6:30 - Agia Anna, 8:00 - Mikra Agia Anna, 8:45 - Agia Sofia, 9:45 - Main ferry, 10:40 - Agia Sofia, 11:45 - "Mikra Agia Anna".

    When planting on the pore, the presence of diamonitirion is checked
        On the first trip to the Holy Mountain, the most reasonable way to go on a big ferry is at 09:45. You can always buy tickets for it, and from its upper deck you can see a beautiful view of the Athos shore.     In Daphne for those wishing to travel by sea further to the arrival of the ship from Ouranoupolis (tentatively at 12:00) will wait for a smaller ship, going to the Kavsokalivsky skete. In most monasteries in which you want to spend the night, you will be asked to present diamonitirion. This document indicates the date and place of your stay - only four days. But the saints on these restrictions are usually overlooked, so you can stay on Mount Athos as much as your Greek visa allows, visiting more than one monastery at the same time. You can extend it in Protata in Karies. The usual period of stay in the monastery is one day.     To buy tickets for the ferry "Agia Anna" (flight at 6.30) and speed boats "Mikra Agia Anna" and "Agia Sofia" it is necessary to book them in advance by phone of the shipping company. If you want to sail the morning flight of the ferry "Agia Anna" at half past seven in the morning, you must indicate this in the request, because The office opens at 07:30 already after the ship sails.     
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